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Anniversary Strat book best book about Fender Strat electric guitars and Fender Custom Shop master builders
Gary Davies author and publisher of Anniversary Strat a book about Fender Stratocaster guitars and the Fender Custom Shop master builders



ANNIVERSARY STRAT is priced at £30 excluding postage and packing, and the individually numbered, signed First Edition copies are only available from me. The book is presented in A4 soft cover format, and consists of 340 pages that feature 174 photographs. The First Edition run of 1,954 copies has been printed using high quality 150 gsm paper, which gives the pages a distinctly high quality feel. Each book is numbered in the style of 0001 OF 1954 and personally signed by the author (me).


To order one of the few remaining brand new copies directly from me CLICK HERE


There is more information about the book (including glowing testimonials from the talented Fender Custom Shop master builders) on the ANNIVERSARY STRAT book website.

PS - There are a small number of low-numbered books and a few with interesting numbers available at £35, and if you are interested in those please get in touch before ordering to check what is available. I also sell some books on ebay at and my ebay listings may also include a few books with low or special numbers. Please note that the book prices including shipping on ebay may be different than those indicated on the dedicated book website at


An extensively researched collection of stories about cool products and awesome people, ANNIVERSARY STRAT celebrates the diverse array of Fender commemorative model Stratocasters made in the USA. Part 1 chronicles these factory and Custom Shop guitars, and sheds light on how a few ended up in the hands of legendary players. More Custom Shop instruments are showcased in Part 2, as the personal stories of the master builders unfold and they reveal their favorite projects.


All the Fender Custom Shop master builders and pickup winders love the book and here is what two of the legendary master guitar builders say about the publication:

Ever since 1979, anniversary model guitars have been released by Fender to celebrate significant milestones in the company’s history. Consequently, an extensive range of commemorative instruments has shipped from the US factory and Custom Shop over the last forty years. Some distinctive and memorable Fender Strats have also been commissioned by third parties including publishers, motor industry manufacturers, entertainment organizations, and musical instrument stores, to celebrate their own noteworthy events.

"The meticulous collection of details is truly amazing . . . Gary has pulled off a fantastic project that I think will soon stand beside the other great books about this company called Fender.”


Owner of Stevens Electrical Instruments and co-founder of the Fender Custom Shop

“The most comprehensive and detailed book on the history of the Anniversary Stratocaster, the elite Fender Custom Shop guitars, and the builders.”



Principal master builder at the Fender Custom Shop


I can't thank these cool, talented, and generous guys enough for their kind words. A synopsis and some random pages from the book are included below. This detailed collection of fascinating guitar and people stories is A4 size with 340 pages and 174 photographs. Each book is signed by the author and numbered in the style of 0001 OF 1954, and it's the perfect addition to any library.

UPDATE: I now have less than 100 of the original 1,954 books in the limited edition run available. They make wonderful Christmas presents and birthday gifts for any Fender guitar player or guitar collector, and since the book was published on 23 April 2019 the hand-signed and individually numbered copies have shipped to over 30 countries all over the world to universal acclaim. 

Best wishes and rock on!


Buy a copy of the Anniversary Strat book from author and publisher Gary Davies Saltash Cornwall England UK
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