Gary Davies - Publications

I've written various books over the years; the vast majority being business, management, or marketing-related publications. After five years of research, travel and writing, my latest book ANNIVERSARY STRAT was published on 23 April 2019. ANNIVERSARY STRAT is a major departure for me, as the subject matter focuses on Fender's Stratocaster Anniversary Model electric guitars, and the talented past and present master guitar builders who work (or have worked) in the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California.

Researching, writing, typesetting, and publishing the 340-page large format book that incorporates 45 chapters and 174 photos was a passion project. Consequently, I'm delighted to report that two years after it was published ANNIVERSARY STRAT had shipped to a bunch of extremely satisfied readers located in thirty countries all around the world. By the Spring of 2021, there were only 150 or so books remaining from the original limited edition run of 1,954 copies.


Take a look below at the video extract of my interview with Lars Mullen from Britain's Rare Guitars and some random pages extracted from throughout the book. More photos and information about the highly acclaimed publication can be found at and you can download an extract of the book by clicking here.