Fender Anniversary Model Stratocaster Guitars: I'm currently writing an illustrated history of the various Fender Stratocaster Anniversary Models built in the Fender USA factory and Fender Custom Shop between 1979 and 2017.

A dedicated website in support of my book Anniversary Strat  is now up and running at

The book tells the story of the diverse range of iconic American-made commemorative Fender Stratocasters and celebrates the talent and the passion of the folks who designed and built the guitars.


In addition to showcasing the instruments, I'll be profiling the Fender Master Builders in some detail. Some fascinating memories that the past and present Fender folks have kindly shared with me will also be included.


The book will also feature the personal stories and memories of some legendary guitarists who have owned and played Anniversary Model Strats.

Below are some photos of me with a few of the kind members of the Fender family I've met and interviewed over the last couple of years.

My wife and I visited the Fender Custom Shop and factory in August 2016 and the very kind Greg Fessler gave us a wonderful personal tour. All the other Fender folks we met in California were also very kind and friendly and it was a pleasure to meet and spend some quality time with a number of them during our 3 week road trip.

Here I am with master builder Greg Fessler who presented me with a pickguard signed by the master builders and Josefina. Wow thanks folks!




John Cruz showing me the Gary Moore Stratocaster prototype at the Fender Custom Shop

With Yuriy Shishkov in his 'cell' (joke) at the Fender Custom Shop. Yuriy was working on a special project for NAMM and he showed us the guitar body which was a 'work in progress' at the time. A video of Yuriy showing the stunning completed instrument is at this link Studioliner Stratocaster.  

I enjoyed spending some time with Todd Krause after initially meeting the big guy at the Fender Custom Shop.















I was lucky enough to meet George Blanda and Jason Smith at the Fender Custom Shop.


Scott Buehl the only Uber Builder at the Fender Custom Shop ;-) 





Josefina Campos the Fender Custom Shop's pickup specialist.


It was just a quick trip upstairs to the Gretsch Custom Shop so I could meet Steven Stern.

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