~ Fender Custom Shop 30th Anniversary Celebrations 2017 ~

~ Greg Fessler presents Gary with a pickguard signed by the Fender master builders and Josefina  August 2016 ~

~ Four more Marketing and Leadership Courses delivered in Kuwait City, Kuwait during January & February 2017 ~

~ Described as 'the best instructor ever' following the Leadership Courses in Kuwait March 2016 ~

~ 'Happy Anniversary' article in 'Guitar - Bass' Magazine February 2016 ~

July 2018 - Take a look at the BLOG page which also has some updates on what I have been doing. I've been visiting Abbey Road Studios and going to chingo hot gigs in Hyde Park. Of course I'm still working hard on the book. In fact, I had to write a couple of new sections based on recent events, but I'm now back on the DTP and typesetting process. The book should be out in January 2018, 40 years after the very first Anniversary model Strat was launched.

May 2018 - Sorry about not updating this section, but I've been busy, busy, busy.  The Anniversary Strat book is now going into the desktop publishing software so there is some light at the end of the tunnel. :-) 


March 2017 - Take a look at this cool video that celebrates the Fender Custom Shop's 30th Anniversary. I've met and interviewed many of these folks and this is largely why I now spend my life playing and writing about guitars - especially Anniversary Models! Click the video on the left or the link below.


January & February 2017 - Four more marketing and leadership courses completed in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Now I can get back to writing my Anniversary Stratocaster book.


August 2016 - Thanks to Fender master builder Greg Fessler for giving us wonderful personal tour of the Fender Custom Shop and factory in Corona, California. Thanks also to all the other Fender folks we met there, who were all so kind and friendly. They even signed a pickguard for me as a memento of our visit. I can't wait to finish the book, but in a way I don't want the project to end! ...Gary :-) 


March 2016 - Delegates describe Gary as 'the best instructor ever' following his successful Leadership and Management courses at the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies! Many thanks to Abdullah for the photo.


February 2016 - Described by one delegate as 'amazing', Gary's Marketing courses at the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies certainly seemed to have hit the spot (as usual)! Many thanks to Abdullah for the photo.


February 2016 - Gary's guitar collection is featured in the February edition of 'Guitar - Bass' magazine. A 5-page 'Private Collection' article by Lars Mullen. Cool! Guitar-Bass Magazine


December 2015 - Gary has been invited as the Guest of Honour at the Presentation Evening on Thursday 17th December. He will be making a short speech and presenting the awards.


November 2015 - Busy interviewing Fender Master Builders, dealers and other interesting folks. Gary has been listening to plenty of fascinating stories that will go into his new book: The Anniversary Stratocaster: An Illustrated History of the Commemorative Models Built by Fender in the USA.


October 2015 - Gary donated over 100 new books to all the Year 13 6th form students at He visited the school on two occasions during the month and spoke to all the students from year 12 and year 13.


July 2015 - Gary and his old friend Roger Gillett from Bermuda unveiled the '50th Anniversary Plaque' and spoke at the anniversary celebrations at their old School in Saltash, Cornwall, UK.


For more details of what Gary's is currently working on, please take a look at the Projects page.

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